The 108 Story

I said, “Every shirt will have a story, and each story will have a lesson to help them achieve their biggest goals and dreams.”

I had just sat down with the lead t-shirt graphic designer at Live Loud T-Shirts in Basalt, Colorado, and was attempting for the first time to articulate my vision for the clothing line I wanted to create.

I explained who I was and who I had been, and who I was desiring to become. I shared that I had played professional baseball for 15yrs, that I had achieved and lived my boyhood dream of playing in the Major Leagues, that I didn't stop there with my Dreams...

That after retiring I created the LIKE A BEAST Mindset system and helped Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Family Men tap into more Courage and Confidence and create the lives they desired, too.

The Designer smiled. I knew I didn't explain the meaning behind the logo as she had asked, but I could tell she at least respected my passion and enthusiasm for my endeavors.

I said, “The Winged-Lion to me symbolizes Courage and's the BEAST of all BEASTS, Master of the Land and Lord of the Skies. Many say that Confidence is King, which I agree, but I also believe Courage is the path to more Confidence.”

For a moment, I skipped over the 108, which I know is what most are curious to hear about and I continued my speech on Courage and Confidence...

“Over the years I've created numerous online courses, audio programs and have hosted live trainings for Athletes teaching them the BEAST Mindset...teaching them strategies and techniques to build their confidence and increase their performance, but I want people to have another reminder of the lessons...

I see people waking up, eyes barely open, unsure of how they feel or what the day will bring, until, they open their closet or drawer and see the 108 Winged-Lion logos. They pull on that shirt or a hoody, or put on a beast hat, and the moment they do they're triggered to remember who they are, what their goals and dreams are, and that they already possess all the courage and confidence inside to make it happen.”

The Designer’s smile grew bigger and now added a head bob before she replied, “Sweet. And the 108? What does that stand for?”

My eyes glanced at the floor as I collected myself, and a few moments passed before I said, “Awhile back, I woke up one morning with an old dream on my heart. Something I had envisioned for myself decades earlier, but somehow over the years, I had forgotten it. It was huge. Much bigger, much more challenging than anything I've accomplished before.

I knew for myself, my own courage and confidence would be tested to make it happen. I shared everything that I wanted with Sarah over coffee. I explained what I wanted to create for our life, but most importantly I shared the changes I’d need to make in myself to be the man who could do it.

I told Sarah, I didn't know if I could build the company and our new lifestyle before my 40th birthday, but I wanted to be the man that could by then. I counted the days to that milestone date, and it was 108 sleeps away.

Sarah’s eyes got big and asked, “Do you know how much spiritual and scientific significance is in that number?”

She began to tell me that for many it stood for worthiness, for support and encouragement, others believed it represented a new journey or wholeness and competition of the last. She began to rattle off other places that it occurs, from Yoga’s sun salutations to mala prayer beads, to the distances between the earth and the sun and the earth and the moon.

I laughed and mentioned there were 108 stitches in a Major League baseball - so I didn't need any more convincing.

So, to honor that conversation, and my past, my present, and my future...I decided on naming the clothing line, 108 BEAST.

It’s apparel that people wear to be reminded of the strength, and power, and wisdom and worthiness they already possess inside. And to confidently and courageously march towards making their dreams a reality.”

The Designer flashed her biggest smile yet and responded, “Perfect. I can work with that.”                                                                                                                   

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